Topic outline

  • Take the chance to study abroad


    On this digital room you find information about the different agreements available for students exchange.

    • International Agreements
    • Erasmus+
    • Nordplus
    • Erasmus+ practicum
    • IAESTE organisation

    Through this webpage you can also submit an application regarding Erasmus+ study exchange seats available through Department of Applied Physics and Electronics.

  • Erasmus+

    With the Erasmus+ programme you can as student study abroad between 3 months to 12 months. Erasmus+ offers studies on all three cycles

    • During first cycle, equivalent to Bachelor Studies, 3 years    ( högskoleingenjör eller kandidatprogram)
    • During second cycle, equivalent to a Master Degree studies  ( civilingenjörsprogram eller masterprogram)
    • During third cycle, PhD studies as doctoral candidate  (doktorandstudier eller forskarstudier)

    As student you must be registered programme student and do studies towards a degree.

    Erasmus+ exchange is based on mutual agreement between partner universities, and are bilateral student exchange, basically that we sent student to a receiving university and they send the same number of students to Umeå University.

    Erasmus agreements exists on three levels

    • Central agreements handled by International Office
    • Faculty Agreements, handled by TekNat
    • Departmental agreements, handled by Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

    The deadline for Erasmus+ exchange application is November 15 2016,  23:55 sharp